Thursday, November 3, 2016

New Zealand Also The Best Place You Can Choice

If a traveler fans of the movie Lord of the Rings certainly is not foreign to the natural beauty offered by New Zealand. This country offers many destinations with a very spectacular natural scenery. The country is also suitable for the traveler who wants to enjoy the adrenaline like mountain biking, bungee jumping, water rafting, sky diving, extreme sports you can do it in New Zealand.

Not only offers outstanding natural beauty of New Zealand is also a very modern country. This country has an excellent infrastructure and can also enjoy a variety of food and local produce are influenced by the culture of Europe, Asia and Polynesia.

And most importantly, New Zealand is one of the most welcoming and most secure in the world.

Bhutan As My Second Place to Vacation

Bhutan could be an alternative to India and Thailand are safer as a holiday destination. The kingdom is located near the mountains of the Himalayas, so surely you can enjoy the scenery is so beautiful here. Of indigenous culture in the country is heavily influenced by the Buddhist beliefs quietly makes it also became a destination for those seeking spirituality.

Bhutan free from internal conflicts, which makes pendudukunya happy life. These countries often rank bahagi sembagai most places in the world and a very low crime rate. The country is very sempuran for ingn traveler who goes off the beaten track for a while and broaden their cultural horizons.

Traveler can only stay in Bhutan only within a maximum of 15 days. And also the cost is quite expensive, the cost per day high season is around US $ 250 or about Rp3.2 million for low season and US $ 200, or about 2.6 million. Although relatively expensive, but the traveler helped residents there, because it is used to cover the cost of health care and education are free to all residents of Bhutan.

Iceland As First Best Place For Vacation

One of the Nordic countries in Northern Europe have become the safest place as a holiday destination, the newspaper version of Iceland has a population of under 400,000 people, with the people who are the happiest in the world.

In this country the traveler can visit the city of Reykjavik, one of the coldest cities in the world and also the most sparsely populated cities in Europe, which to truly get away from everything. In addition to witness the rare phenomenon of the Aurora Borealis, which can only be seen from several countries in the northern region alone.

Iceland is very close to the North Pole, which means it can enjoy the sun shines longer, where in summer the sun can shine for 20 hours. Obviously this will make the experience that will not be forgotten. But to visit this country you must provide a budget that spelled out a lot, because it is a country that is not friendly to tourists pockets.

The World Destination For Vacation

Whose name holiday we certainly do want everything to run smoothly without any disturbances, including crime problems that may occur when we are on vacation. For that before traveling we have to find out about holiday destinations which we are headed.

And perhaps 5 safest holiday destinations in the world can inspire you to discover new places that can be visited. The following places are not only to be the most secure in the world at large, but most are also recommended for a woman traveler who wants to travel alone.